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[♪ theme music ♪] >> michael: look at that a guy takes his tie off, loosens up a little bit, and all of a sudden he is hosting "the young turks." cenk is celebrating the 1 billionth view that he has gotten with "the young turks" on youtube. congratulations of course to cenk. and i'm glad to be here hosting "the young turks" after "the war room," "the war room" with michael shure by the way.
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but we do start in a -- you know, a sad and somber place, folks. and i'm not saying this against clclelelanand, o oo,o, b but w w goo t to clcleveleld d nonow bebecacaususe ofofhahat t happenen t theherere. ariel l cacaststroro accususeded of and probably convicted of kid napping and rape. >> today [ inaudible ] in captivity prisoner and [ inaudible ] lives were interrupted, and also with the promise and the hope that justice will be served >> michael: if it were me i would need a complete idiot's guide to the criminal justice system. short of that i'm going to be the person who wrote the idiot's guide to the criminal justice.
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this is about the ugliest story i have had. three people are free and one is not today as they said. robin what happens now? >> first of all the details just keep coming out left and right. we had the arrangement in court. and castro had the head down the entire time, and he actually we'll being told confessed to some of the details. >> michael: turns out that he lured all three of these women by offering them a ride. the first thing -- you know you pick up danger when you take a ride with a stranger or something like that -- >> right. and we're assuming that they took him up on the ride and that's how they got them in. and his daughter was best friends with one of the victims, so to her she is not taking a
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ride from a stranger. >> michael: it's a friend's dad. >> and that's your worst nightmare, because it's not like don't get in the car with a stranger, and it's not people you know could do something, it's i'm giving you a ride home. >> michael: it's taking a ride from someone you trust. we look at what happened in cleveland, some of the gory details, but the worst i have heard is this michele knight reporting that she had five miscarriages -- and this is a report -- this has not been said in court or anything else -- >> according to a police report and there's some really vicious details that came out today. he had these girls chained up eventually he freed them to to let them go on the second floor, if they were allowed to go outside they wore wigs and sunglasses, their real names were kept a secret from joslin
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who was the six year old girl so if she went out, she wouldn't say the names of michelle and gina. and michelle was pregnant five times and he caused her to miscarry because of beating her in the stomach. >> they weren'tlying in the middle of nowhere, so to have three teenage girls captive for ten years you do have to be that brutal. >> when the police came into their louse, once amanda was out, they knocked on the door. they said hello is anyone there? and it was only until they said cleveland police that one of the other girls, that one of the other girls came running out. >> michael: there's 320-some-odd-million people living in america. presumably this is -- there is
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somebody in a basement right now in another place in america. what kind of -- i mean this seems to go -- and i scheming you the legal question robin, this goes a little further than kidnapping, doesn't it? this imprisonment? >> sex crimes generally is one -- one area that actually the legal system seems to work at least here in california and many other states you look for these horrific aggravating circumstances that could make the defendant eligible for life in prison. here if you had had a kid napping plus a sexual assault you would have life in prison and the prosecutor spoke today about looking for charges that would be able to make the death penalty. >> michael: yeah let's listen to that. >> my office of the county prosecutor will also engage in a formal process in which we
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evaluate whether to seek charges eligible for the death penalty. >> michael: this is what you are saying. they are looking for the craftiest ways of doing this. we're going to move on to talk about the jody arias trial, but knowing what we did about jody arias, we believe we know what we know about arel castro right now. who would you rather see -- forgetting if you are in -- if you are in favor or not in favor of the t death penalty, who would you give the death penalty to? >> i have to preface this by saying i'm absolutely not in favor of the death penalty -- >> michael: neither am i. >> if i had to pick it would have to be ariel castro. because in jody's case it seemed
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like this really psycho moment that she had and maybe she came to and didn't really fully realize what she had done. in this case you, for ten years you woke up every day avenue you had three women captive. that's much worse. >> jody arias is one crime. castro committed a crime every single day. and if i was the prosecutor there, you could charge kidnapping each day, each sexual assault. i think cleveland was actually very conservative because of how they stacked charges. if i was the da handling that i would have had 365 -- >> michael: you were a sex crimes prosecutor here in los
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angeles. >> yes. >> michael: all right. let's go to arizona and the next face of the arias trial is coming up. jody was supposed to be in court. the sentencing got pushed until may 15th. i want you to take a listen to jody giving an interview to fox. tell me what you think about her reaction, robin. let's listen. >> the out come for me would be natural life. would much rather die sooner than later. longevity is high in my family i'm pretty healthy. i don't smoke, and i would probably live a long time. so that's not something i'm looking forward to. i said years ago that i would rather get death than life that is still true today. >> michael: how did fox get this interview. >> it's a really interesting
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story. first of ail have to say she is in the aggravation stage, but she is aggravating everyone today by being a no-show. she got moved and she's in psychiatric -- being looked at psychiatrically right now -- >> michael: isn't it a little late for that? >> yeah. the reporter there actually developed a relationship with her, by originally conducting a report on jails in arizona and saw her while he was in custody and struck up a friendship and then like a good reporter does becomes friends with all of the people around the person you want to meet and became friends with the famous donovan who has been tweeting for jodi arias. and that interview was done 40 minutes after she found out she was con digited. >> michael: just amazing. i think that's the coop of all
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time. i want to talk to you about a theory that i have about this. she is saying she wants the death pen alty. do you think that's a way of trying to get -- she said she does want the death penalty. do you think that's a way to get the jury to not give her the death penalty. >> well, we know she is manipulative, smart person. but if i was her what does she have to live for honestly? the fact that she is very calm makes it hard to believe it is a genuine statement. but she's also been like that throughout the trial. >> michael: but she has nothing to live for, and that's why people want her to live out her time in prison. people who are opposed to the death penalty think it's almost a more severe punishment.
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robin what do they have to find first? >> they have to find one aggravating circumstance to make her qualify for the death penalty. the pinnacle case that has made it to the jurors make the decision and not the judge came out of arizona. so giving the jury that power came from arizona. >> michael: if they decide there isn't that aggravating case then does it go back to the judge? >> if they decide it's not a death penalty case then it will be the judge's decision of what version or how many years in life she will be given. so she is going to do some sort of time. the most interesting thing i'm waiting for in this phrase is to see whether or not jodi apologized. she did not do that yesterday. on the 18 days on the stand. on the inside edition interview,
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and didn't do it during the police intertear-- interrogation. >> is that something that her lawyers are telling her to do. >> well, if ever there is a time to show sympathy now is a good time. but dodging that bullet excuse the pun, what we saw yesterday was they were not all unanimous as to whether or not it was a felony murder and premeditated and deliberate. >> michael: and even if the judge heard that and is able to digest that in a different way, the judge can't point out what that means right? >> no, the judge's mouth is there to let the -- the jurors are the deciders of fact. >> michael: are the jurors going
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to see the fox interview we just saw? >> if i'm her attorney, i certainly hope not. and there's a little bit of weirdness there. just like all of us did in the news room, is she being double agent, smart and does she really mean this -- it gets a little bit complicated. they have been advised and told they can't look at social media, read the newspapers, do any of this stuff. they are not sequestered, i would find it highly miraculous if no jurors saw that but they are not going to tell us. >> michael: are the jurors going to be able to know if she gets the death penalty, she will be the fourth person on death row in arizona, women. does that factor in at all? the number of women on death row in arizona?
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>> i think when we look at the statistics, the numbers are really small in terms of how many women actually end up in jail -- >> michael: yeah let's look at that. so i mean does that -- do those kind of numbers encumber a jury? >> i think the reality -- i think it just reflects what jurors think. i think they don't know what the numbers are, but i think we're all more sympathetic to women. i think police are nicer to women. i think judges are nicer to women -- >> police are definitely nicer to women. the ones that write traffic tickets are, robin. >> that's probably true. get over it michael.
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one ticket. but the one pattern i seay among the victims of those women who were on death penalty is that they were children and in one case it was an invalid husband. so that makes me think this might not go to death penalty. >> but everything has to do with this emotion -- it's not like i just randomly -- >> michael: and it also makes you see how random the murder is. when we come back we move from these prosecutions to the indirect prosecution of another woman, and that is hillary clinton as we talk about benghazi. ♪
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this show is about being up to date, staying in touch with everything that is going on politically and putting my own nuance on it. in reality it's not like they actually care. this is purely about political grandstanding.
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new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing rash, hives, blisters, changes in eye sight including blurry vision, muscle pain with fever tired feeling, or skin sores from diabetes. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain, and swelling of hands, legs, and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who've had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. having less pain... it's a wonderful feeling. [ female announcer ] ask your doctor about lyrica today. it's specific treatment for diabetic nerve pain. you know who is coming on to me now? you know the kind of guys that do reverse mortgage commercials? those types are coming on to me all the time now. (vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. you would rather deal with ahmadinejad than me. >>absolutely. >> and so would mitt romney. (vo) she's joy behar. >>and the best part is that current will let me say anything. what the hell were they thinking?
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. >> michael: you don't think the 2016 race for the presidency hasn't started or has started? in fact it has, because all you have to do is look at the united states congress look at the hearings that are going on on benghazi and you will know this is all about hilary rodham clinton candidate for president, perhaps in 2016. these are handpicked whistleblowers. pickering said i have a lot to say. daryle issa said not right now. this is a perpetrated attack on hillary clinton. they are trying to take any kind
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of rank that she had and cut it down well before 2016. this is all politics it has nothing to do with benghazi. even the republican senator from tennessee said, we know what happened in benghazi. we have to fix some things but we know what happened. you john boehner, our esteemed speaker of the house of representatives comes out and says i think the white house was involved in a cover up. so they said show us the emails. these are emails he has already been shown before, that have been seen by other members of the intelligence community. it is so disingenuous that they are asking for these things. let's listen to john boehner. >> we learned on september 12th the day after the attack and four days before susan rice's tv appearance, a senior state department official emailed her superiors to relay that the
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libbian ambassador -- she had told the libbian ambassador that the attack was conducted by islamic terrorists. the state department would not allow our commit tease to keep copies of this email when it was reviewed, and i would call on the president to order the state department to release this email so that the american people can see it. >> michael: so he's asking again to see the emails that were already released on the same day that he is calling for the 36th vote on repealing obamacare. this is a guy who just wants to keep hammering things home. it is the law of the land on obamacare, it has already been seen on these emails. we're going to get a little help on dissecting this from joe williams and jack burkman who hosts "behind the curtain with jack burkman."
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>> you got it. >> michael: jack i want to hear your take because we rarely agree, but this -- this jack is totally about politics. this isn't about benghazi is it? >> engineer is -- well it's about both. we're in washington to be sure. but it's very much about benghazi. michael i wouldn't defend him on this, because this is going to get a whole lot worse. the white house is making big mistakes. jay carney saying these changes were just cosmetic. that's crazy. they should admit that some mistakes were made. i'll make you another prediction. this thing could turn into a watergate. i don't think you realize how bad this is -- why did any of this happen? this happened because obama is so afraid -- he didn't want to defend the embassy, because he didn't want to offend islam. then he --
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>> michael: jack, jack, jack. is there are reasonable ways to disagree on this but to say he didn't want to defend the embassy because s because he didn't want to offend islam. stay away from that one jack. >> but the evidence shows that. strip aside all of the politics -- the evidence shows, take gregory hicks, these guys were trying to get through at 2:00. they made so many repeated called and contacts. they were just systematically ignored. i have never seen or heard of anything like this. >> how about 9/11, talk about systematically ignored. >> oh, sure, 9/11 is much worse in terms of what hand -- hand -- happened but this is much worse in terms of how it was handled.
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>> michael: all right. joe i need your opinion. >> tag me. tag me. >> michael: i don't want to feel like we're tag teaming against jack. but joe, this is about politics is it not? >> how many ways can you say yes? the phrase that keeps coming to my mind is -- is pin -- pin the blame on the donkey. pick one. hillary clinton or barack obama two democrats -- they want to find some way to say that this was their fault, but the problem is, we're not really hearing anything coming out of the hearing that is new in way of connecting the fact that the white house or the state department failed here. certainly chris stephens and the other three who died that night, a tragedy beyond proportions, something the american people are going to find out why it
4:25 pm
hand, figure out how to keep it from happening again. but on the hill we're hearing a conspiracy that doesn't really exist about a situation that did exist and we could be looking at twice prevent it. >> but joe, you have to understand why we feel this strongly. you say it's a great tragedy, but i'm not sure the president understands that. you know where he was on the night he should have been speaking to the american people about this? he was in vegas doing a fund raiser. he should have addressed the nation. united states ambassador his team were brutally killed -- >> i disagree with that mostly because the president at that point -- a lot of the facts had not come out. and certainly you don't want to go off half cocked on the air because that would be the worst thing ever. a lot of chaotic details coming out the night it did occur, and
4:26 pm
what everybody is focused on is the talking points of susan rice were wrong. and people are saying ah-ha, cover up. the talking points were established before a lot of the facts came out. >> michael: i want to step in for a second, guys. jack, i think that there is a take away from this. i think there were clearly mistakes made. judging in a geopolitical stance, versus where places like egypt, syria and maybe one other country, stand, you look at libya in a different light. what joe is saying is at its core, true. this was a tragedy, and as with any tragedy, whether it be the boston marathon bombing or what happened in benghazi it takes a while for the facts to come out. >> two things, one even if all
4:27 pm
of that is true the president still had a responsibility to leave his fund raiser and at least address the nation. ronald addressed the nation many times on the nights of tragedies -- >> once the facts were known they did that -- [overlapping speakers] >> michael: go ahead jack. >> if you look at what hand, more importantly the president for more than two weeks was reluctant to use the word terrorism. >> that's wrong. that is wrong. >> michael: that is not true, jack. [ overlapping speakers ] >> he used the word terrorist attack in the rose garden the day after it hand. >> my understanding is that before that word came out of the president's mouth he waited 11 days to do that. >> no, that is wrong. >> michael: it did happen earlier in the rose garden. joe is right. and isn't it responsible for the president not to say anything
4:28 pm
until he knows all of the facts? susan rice spoke and that was one of the most blaring mistakes of this whole episode. >> how many facts do you need to recognize that something is a product of radical islam. what do you need to know -- >> we thought the boston bombing was the product of al-qaeda initially. and we thought the boston bombing might have been a problem of white superists, and then we came -- >> michael: guys i'm afraid we're not going to resolve the benghazi problem. we are going to move on to a place -- maybe jack i can get you to sort of say maybe one unkind thing about ted cruz. i don't know if that is possible, but we'll try when we come back. we'll look at ted cruz when we come back.
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♪ >> michael: it's a hard to believe when you look at the political us in of 2013 that ted cruz has only been a senator for four months. never before can i remember a senator this junior being this prolific in terms of how he appears on tv, in the newspapers, and making comments about virtually everything that is going on in washington right now. usually the senator even elizabeth warren, take the back bench, waiting their turn. not so with ted cruz. here is ted cruz talk about our president. >> there is almost no limits to what this president and this administration thinks the federal government can do. we have got to get back to the u.s. constitution. we have got to get back to limits on federal government powers. we have got to get back to our freedom. >> michael: that was at a dinner
4:32 pm
honoring jim demint. but what ted cruz doesn't realize, or he probably does and is angered by are things like this . . . cruz i should remind you is a republican from texas. i invite joe williams back in and jack burkman as well. you know, i'll ask you first this time, joe. am i right do you ever remember somebody coming out with this kind of brashness? and then do you think this is serving him well? >> i think it is serving him well to his base. a lot of people are comparing him to the other young senator barack obama. but certainly obama had two years in the senate before he decided to run for president.
4:33 pm
it seems like cruz is running for president right out of the gate. but he has got a lot of policies that have been proven to be unpopular for w the american people as recently as six months ago when mitt romney was running for president. the stance on abortion, on income inequality and others. and the people voting republican, are the shrinking voter base of the gop. you have got -- certainly smaller numbers of white voters the pew center had a study that said white participation in the election dropped from 83% in 1996 to just 74% in 2012, and in the last election cycle, african american participation alone in
4:34 pm
the election was better than white participation by two percentage points. so this is the new face of the party with the same old policies. running to excite a voter base that is shrinking as we speak. >> michael: that's a great light to cast on this. and he was going directly at the president. it would be one thing if he was a -- here is a tweet. that was sent out by united states senator today. and senator harry reid he'll listen to senator harry reid in exchange with ted cruz in the senate. >> my friend from texas is like a schoolyard bully.
4:35 pm
he pushes everybody around and is losing, and instead of playing the game according to rules, he not only takes the ball home with him, but changes the rules. that one no one wins except the bully who tries to indicate to people he has one. we're asking republicans to play by the rules. >> michael: here is cruz's response. >> i wasn't aware we were in a schoolyard -- >> there is either an objection or no objection. >> mr. president i object. >> michael: jack is he doing -- he is not a popular senator right now, and it's no secret he is not popular with his own caucus or the democrats. is he sort of a thorn in the side of the republican party right now? >> if a man is not popular in the united states senator that means he is a, doing the right
4:36 pm
thing, and b, serving his country. barack obama was running for president before he was ever elected to the senate. he started during the convention with kerry in '04 when he was still a state senator. for harry reid to call this guy a bully -- harry reid is one of the biggest bullies to ever serve in congress. i mean with his 30-year ties to organized crime -- >> michael: no. no. no. >> woe. woe. woe, dude. >> michael: jack, you -- you are often at odds with how i feel but you are never this unreasonable. the idea that harry reid is a bully. i wouldn't disagree with that. he is also the majority leader and has been there for quite and while and has earned that status. there is no written rule that ted cruz can't do what he is
4:37 pm
doing -- >> do you know the tactics reid uses in the senate. he has abused his powers as a majority leader more than any majority leader i can remember. thinking at least back 30, 35 years, i can't think of anyone in either party who has ever so abused his powers as harry reid. harry reid is the last person in the u.s. senate that has a right to do any name-calling let me tell you. >> michael: i could not disagree with you more. joe i want to ask you, though. when you look at cruz -- does it remind you -- i want you to hear this. this is cruz talking about harvard university. obama went to harvard. this is what he said in the speech. there was one republican . . . do you see that there's something extreme about ted cruz that is actually going to
4:38 pm
understood mine his party. i see the damage coming to his party, and i feel like it's a big problem. >> i have an affiliation to harvard as well and what cruz said is certainly like a yaley. this party is really unpopular, and really unpopular because of the very same things that he is doing in the senate. constantly attacking the president and refusing to deal with democrats simply on ideal long call grounds. as was mentioned earlier, if he is a great american it's hard to see that unless you squint. mainly because the obstruction that the republicans putting forth in both houses -- it's getting people's business from getting done. and number two it's driving the country in a direction that the country clearly does not want to
4:39 pm
go. look at the hand gunn vote -- >> let me give you the behind the scenes -- >> michael: guys. i'm going to have to step in here. jack i'll give you a last word, i promise, but we have to come back in a little bit. where we'll move from the loan star state to the north star state and talk about gay marriage.
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>> michael: progress in the midwest. the minnesota state house passed a marriage equality vote. >> minnesota is on the verge of becoming the 12th state to approve gay marriage. [ cheers and applause ] >> just in the past week both delaware and rhode island legalized same-sex marriage. >> obama: i think same-sex
4:42 pm
couples should be able to get married. >> one year ago today president obama came out in support of gay marriage. >> michael: into the conversation our producer, thank you for being on the show today. shayna how important is each new state that gets added? >> i think it's really important and great to see every single time you see the [ inaudible ] at the state house, the happy pictures of couples getting married, straight marriage totally crumbling under the wait. and that doesn't happen at all. nothing happens when straight people are married. that is going to happen over and over again. >> michael: jack when these episodes happen how difficult it is for the republican party to deal with this both on a
4:43 pm
national and state sense? >> minnesota is very much a state in play. conservatives can run on an issue like that. so for the democrats it is not smart politically at all, and conservatives can raise all kinds of money off of that. obama and hillary clinton i'm sure would agree she doesn't like any of this. they are slowly backing themselves into a corner. gun control, gay marriage, you are giving us the issue -- >> and yet one of the biggest problems that the develop found when they did their postmortem for what happened in the 2012 election is on this issue specifically they have lost so many people. this is basic common sense at this point and the longer it takes republicans to figure that out, the more it is going to hurt them. >> michael: shayna makes a great point.
4:44 pm
i'm always of the opinion, i think hillary clinton looks at this and says fantastic. this is progress. america is a better place. not just oh, i'm going to have a hard time getting votes in minnesota, which i don't think she will have. what do you think, joe? >> i think that's true. i'm a former minnesotian. and the state that i live in is very much live and let live. just over half of the populous doesn't have a problem with gay marriage. poll after poll has found that. and the postmortem did point this out as a very real factor. conservatives may be able to raise money off of this, but to what end? the prognosis from both sides is the gop is going to continue to struggle to capture the white house. but what i think would really represent progress in a way that
4:45 pm
jason collins, the recently announced gay nba player and the 12th state, minnesota, to come out in support of gay marriage, what really represents progress is something below the mason dickson line. any one of those states that crumble -- >> michael: there's different ways to look at -- go ahead. >> there are different twice look at all of this. it's still illegal in 37 states. that's still pretty overwhelming in terms of how the nation feels. and republicans lose young voters, but we will probably lose those young voters anyway. i don't think the gop will do well with 18 to 25. but that has to do with a complex number of issues. if you just look at gay marriage, it will help people in
4:46 pm
places like ohio and michigan far more than it will hurt them. obama had a lot of unusual advantages. so these more traditional things will come back into play. >> but see -- >> michael: i think that that's -- if the republicans believe what you believe, jack i think that's very encouraging, because the people that are 18 to 25 in ten years are going to be 18 to 35 and in 20 years obviously older. so that is how progress happens. it happens over time and it hasn't come up in these other 38 states. >> we have all of these other states where people need those federal protections and need to have those rights. and it will be interesting to see what happens. the more states we see pass marriage, then what happens the supreme court becomes an even bigger question mark.
4:47 pm
[overlapping speakers] >> michael: you each have ten seconds. joe ten seconds. >> the one thing i did want to make to jack's point is the gop loses younger voters, but their base is declining. they are getting older. they are not coming out to vote as much as they did before. it's a lose-lose proposition. >> michael: jack. >> do you really think the country needs to get any less moral? >> michael: no, and i think -- and jack -- i think we're less -- >> wow. >> michael: i think we're a less moral nation when we don't let gay people marry. that's my last word. jack burkman joe williams and shayna thank you all. when we come back we're going to celebrate cenk uygur and "the young turks."
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♪ >> michael: an exciting someday and time at "the young turks," because on "the young turks"
4:50 pm
network, they have hit 1 billion views and counting. they probably have like 7 billion now. cenk uygur is at the youtube space, a he will be joining us. let us play you a little bit of history. >> ben and i got into this huge disagreement about [ inaudible ]. i said this thing is going to be hokey and so stupid. we went to site on friday night, and out of nowhere, it was awesome. >> let's talk about lady gaga. you have been dying to talk about her outfits. >> i don't know why other people are not as amazed as i am. >> it's her schtick. >> i get that. but she has crossed the bounds of reason. >> 12-year-old student got arrested for passing gas. >> no come on. where did this happen? >> florida. >> why does every freaky story
4:51 pm
come out of florida. >> when it's not in our country, it seems kind of fun to us. >> if this hand here man, would begin my career in politics. >> the whole american population should be against it, and that's why you are getting the numbers showing that by a two to one margin that american people are in favor of occupy wall street. >> tonight! we're going to! start a night! to take back! our democracy! >> michael: cenk has inspired a ton of people all over the country on youtube and what he has done in the streets. if you thought i was tough on jack burkman how about cenk uygur on michael shure.
4:52 pm
>> 43% person of americans still believe that saddam hussein was personally involved on the attacks in this country. 43% right now in september 2006. five years later -- michael -- >> absolutely -- >> in usa today -- that's the headlines! >> cenk you are talk about one story -- >> this is an article in the godment damn nation in the goddamn headlines -- >> it's impossible to talk to you about things -- you are talk about one -- >> show the goddamn paper. usa safer. usa today you suck balls! you are a terrible newspaper! you know what he did yesterday? he lied over and over about how this was a war between al-qaeda
4:53 pm
and iraq. it's a war between shiites and sunnis, a civil war that we're stuck in. incompetent losers say usa safer, bush says. that is a lie. they have done a terrible job. every one of these editors in every major magazine television paper, should be fired today. that is the worst failure of the main stream press i have ever seen! ever seen! and why are 58% of americans opposed to the iraq war? do you know what that number would be in -- goddamn it they failed us! and if you are not angry about that michael, and anyone of you out there, then you are goddamn wrong.
4:54 pm
"young turks." >> michael: so there you saw that i couldn't really get a word in with cenk and that's the problem with sometimes working with and being friends with cenk is you can't always get a word in. his passion, though for so long has been what has attracted him to people. >> those clips i love them every time. my favorite moments -- and you have all of these characters on the show and you sometimes see them coming in and out of the tv show. you wonder where they come from jthey came from "the young turks." and who doesn't love that old clip with michael shure before he was epic. look at the lack of facial hair and all of the things going on there. and my yelling and screaming, which is not surprising. we actually started this show back in 2002 in my living room and that was when we were on the
4:55 pm
radio, and we turned it into an online show, and then you are watching us on tv. today we're celebrating a billion views on the online show. and that's why we're at the youtube space in l.a. here. and man, the show has gone through so many different stages. we were on air america, sirius xm aol for a while, and i have been on msnbc, and right here on current. why did we pick "the young turks"'s name. it meant young progressives looking to overthrow the establishment. and that's what we have been looking to do for 11 years. what do we want to change? the media and the government. what is wrong with the media? unfortunately right now, fox news represents the republicans, msnbc does propaganda for the
4:56 pm
democrats, unfortunately and cnn does propaganda for both parties. so what we would like to do and what we have been doing all of these years is a truly independent show. and that's why we got to a billion views. we gave the audience truth and honesty. and that's why you guys watch on current as well. we have had some great moments and i remember the time we hit a billion views, and i'm like i didn't believe we have a million views. and i'm an incredibly optimistic guy, but if you would have told me we were going to get to a billion, even i would have said get out of here. the audience is obviously what got us a billion views and got us on current tv as well. and this is not just changing the media and how it works, and serving the audience and by
4:57 pm
changing the government. it's the system. money is in politics. it has corrupted it thoroughly -- >> michael: a billion views but i finally got to cut cenk off. cenk congratulations you can all watch him online. we'll be right back. the natural energy of peanuts and delicious, soft caramel. to fill you up and keep you moving, whatever your moves. payday. fill up and go!
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
>> john: my friends, every time convicted cover-up master oliver north goes on fox news
5:00 pm
and calls benghazi a cover-up, an angel sticks its head in a 1980s paper shredder. once again senator elizabeth warren has shocked our nation's capital by actually doing her job. she wants student loans to have the same interest as the banks get. republicans are listening to warren's proposals and promise her they'll filibuster them all with an open mind. >> bangladesh proves that thanks to overseas child slave labor walmart workers aren't the ones

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